Introduction to FOV

The purpose of this club is to promote Laguna Woods Village. Our aim is to publicize our lifestyle to people inside and outside the community and to involve residents by giving them Village information so they can make intelligent and constructive decisions about the present and future of our Village.

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Village GreensJoin Friends of the Village

Please CLICK HERE to open our printable Membership Form.

Print, fill out, and send this form, together with your check, to Aloha Saxon at the address on the form.

2017 Board of Directors

President Catherine Brians 949-951-3398 cathybrians@gmail.com
Vice President/
Mike Straziuso 949-830-8717 mikestraz@comline.com
Aloha Saxon 949-769-1167 basaxons@gmail.com
Secretary Marion Levine 949-768-2134 mholenal@aol.com
Publicity Mary Lopata 714-814-5844 maryjlopata@gmail.com
Website Lucy Parker 949-456-4657 lvparker@gmail.com
Advisor/Past President Barbara Marsh 949-707-0778 barbn@fea.net
Advisor/Past President Joan Milliman 949-454-9745 blindmice_3@yahoo.com
Advisor/Past President Bob Hatch 949-458-2070 rhatch@comline.com
Advisor Marty Rubin 949-588-0999 martin.m.rubin@gmail.com


Maggie Blackwell

Marty Rhodes






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