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Issues of “Compliance” Will Be Discussed October 27

Issues of compliance confront Laguna Woods Village residents in various ways. To address this sometimes-thorny subject, “The Ins and Outs of Compliance” will be discussed by Francis Rangel , Operations Manager, Village Compliance Department, at the next monthly Friends of the Village meeting, Friday, October 27, at 2 pm in the Laguna Woods Village Performing Arts Center, Dining Room 1. The meeting will be open without charge to residents and their guests. Time will be reserved for audience questions and answers, and refreshments will be served. Vice President Mike Straziuso is coordinating the meeting.

This will be our last monthly meeting of 2017, according to President Catherine Brians.

Why Care About Compliance? When we bought our manors, each of us agreed to comply with the community’s rules and regulations. Our elected Governing Boards designed them to help maintain the lifestyle which we all came here to enjoy — and every requirement has careful thought behind it. Nevertheless, most of us may come in conflict with one or more of them at some time and to some degree.

How about…

Storage on a balcony or in a carport?
The length of time a guest may stay with you?
Who may park where?
Adding or removing plants in your yard?
Placement of your outdoor grill?
And the list goes on…


Come, learn, and let your opinions be heard!

For more information, please contact Mike Straziuso,


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