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Issues of “Compliance” Were Discussed October 27


Issues of compliance confront Laguna Woods Village residents in various ways. To address this sometimes-thorny subject, Francis Rangel (left), Operations Manager, Village Compliance Department, discussed “The Ins and Outs of Compliance” at the monthly Friends of the Village meeting, Friday, October 27, at 2 pm in the Laguna Woods Village Performing Arts Center, Dining Room 1. This will be Friends of the Village’s last public meeting during 2017.

Photo at left by Cathy Brians; other meeting photos by Mike Straziuso


The meeting was opened at 2:04 pm by club president Catherine Brians, who welcomed attendees and told them that we are not having any meetings in November and December but invited them to attend our Executive Board meetings in those months if they were at all interested in participating in the running of the organization.  She then introduced Mike Straziouso, who had coordinated this particular meeting.

Mike in turn introduced our guest speaker, Francis Rangel, Village Management Services Operations Manager, who reports to Tim Moy, Chief of Security.  Francis has filled several positions in Compliance in the past 12 years.  The role of Compliance has expanded significantly over these years, and Francis has been instrumental in creating new policies as well as identifying efficiencies in the operation of the Department.

After her introduction, Francis spoke of the role of the Compliance Department and said it is responsible for the rules enforcement of the community. They advise residents of the rules that they may be in violation of and assist them to bring the matter into compliance. If the resident doesn’t comply, then it is the Department’s responsibility to bring them before the Board in the form of a hearing.

Francis then reviewed the procedure for a rules violation:

  1. Team investigates possible violation
  2. Mails courtesy letter to owner, with rule, timeframe to fix violation, and a date for follow-up inspection
  3. If fixed, matter closed.
  4. If unfixed, follow-up letter to owner which includes a list of disciplinary actions that the Board can impose(fines, suspension of services, legal action) and a schedule of a Board hearing.

Residents can make complaints in various ways:

  1. Compliance Hotline 949-268-CALL
  2. Send an email to
  3. Fill out a complaint form
  4. Call the Security Department 949-5801400
  5. Come into the Community Center and meet with Compliance Department staff in person.

The current case load of the Department is 908 open cases for the entire community. We have two Compliance Coordinators who handle the cases and bring the items thru the disciplinary process. At this time last year, there were 260 cases. The increase is due to changes in Board policies and more avenues for residents to report possible infringements. The complaint cycle is usually 45 days.

Some of the areas the Compliance Department oversees include:

Illegal residency
Landscaping issues
Short-term residents
Traffic violations
Smoking violations
RV lot issues

The Department works with the Social Services Department, the Sheriffs Department, and the OC Hoarding Task Force.

A Question & Answer period followed. The meeting adjourned at 3:07pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Marion Levine, Secretary

The meeting was open without charge to residents and their guests. Refreshments were served.

Why Care About Compliance? When we bought our manors, each of us agreed to comply with the community’s rules and regulations. Our elected Governing Boards designed them to help maintain the lifestyle which we all came here to enjoy — and every requirement has careful thought behind it. Nevertheless, most of us may come in conflict with one or more of them at some time and to some degree. How about…

Storage on a balcony or in a carport?
The length of time a guest may stay with you?
Who may park where?
Adding or removing plants in your yard?
Placement of your outdoor grill?
And the list goes on…

For more information about this meeting, please contact Mike Straziuso,

One thought on “Issues of “Compliance” Were Discussed October 27

  1. trying to contact the landscape supervisor with no luck with this email address supplied by your compliance dept. my address is 617D. I use my condo sporadically & will b e back in residence on august 17. please table this discussion until I can meet face-to-face with someone in authority. thank you…..Richard Kraus


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