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“Getting The Word Out” Is September 29 Topic

Club presidents and publicity chairs – and all residents who use Village communication channels – are invited to a Friends of the Village program on “Getting the Word Out,” Friday, September 29, at 2 pm in the Laguna Woods Village Performing Arts Center, Dining Room 1, open free to residents and their guests. Refreshments will be served. A panel of speakers will explain how to access both old and new Village communication channels. Audience questions will be answered. Detailed handouts will provide contact info, deadlines, word counts, wording policies, guidelines, and more.

Village Management Services staff scheduled to speak are Chuck Holland, Information Technology Director; Heather Rasmussen, Senior Public Affairs Specialist; Paul Ortiz, Village Television General Manager; and either Brian Gruner, Recreation and Special Events Director, or Jennifer Murphy, Senior Recreation Supervisor. They will be joined by Jennifer Karmarker, Editor of the Orange County Register’s weekly newspaper, The Globe, which covers Laguna Woods Village. The panel will be chaired by Joan Milliman, a Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) Director and member of the GRF Media and Communications Committee, who is coordinating the event with FOV webmaster Lucy Parker.


The latest information about our new Village website as an improved information resource and how it can foster resident inter-communication.

VMS Information Technology Director Chuck Holland

Advice on planning or rebuilding your club’s website using the Village’s new content management system (CMS) or an outside web host (all existing sites must be rebuilt; CMS training will be offered), how to submit information for the Village website and “What’s Up in the Village?” (weekly resident email blasts), what to look for in “The Breeze” (monthly Village Boards of Directors newsletter).

– VMS Senior Public Affairs Specialist Heather Rasmussen

How to access Village Television’s “This Day” news program, the Message Board, and the Trading Post; how to find Village Television coverage about you or your club posted on YouTube; and an explanation of policies regarding additional air-times available for your club, both free and paid.

– Village Television General Manager, Paul Ortiz

What news The Globe can and cannot use – and why, how and when to submit information, policies on photo use, and how to purchase and submit paid ads.

– Globe Editor Jennifer Karmarker

How printed flyers in clubhouses can promote your club’s events, along with recent rules about flyer preparation and distribution, other clubhouse promotion/display opportunities, and what can and cannot be included in the new “Village Life” magazine.

– VMS Recreation Department Spokesperson: Brian Gruner, Recreation and Special Events Director, or Jennifer Murphy, Senior Recreation Supervisor




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