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VMS Board Reported on Its First Year

Meeting Notes, FOV January 27, 2017, Meeting
Past President Joan Milliman opened the meeting at 2:15 pm with apologies at the delay. She filled in and took several GRF-related questions from an audience numbering 36.  Mike Straziuso (shown below, right) arrived at 2:25 pm and introduced Tony Libatore (below, left), the current President of the VMS Board.  Tony is a 5-year resident, and has served on the VMS Board since its inception in December, 2015.  He was elected first President and re-elected in 2016.
tony-liberatore-addresses-fov-1-22-17Tony Liberatore covered VMS Board makeup – 3 representatives from each Board.  Every year 3 members will term out.  In the beginning, the Board met weekly; now they meet twice a month.  Tony also covered the organization’s principles and bylaws.  There are 3 management agreements, one for each Mutual Board.  VMS is outside the structure of the Davis-Sterling Brown Act.  They apply Roberts Rules to the organization’s meetings.  The General Manager/CEO, Brad Hudson, was hired by VMS.
mike-straziuso-introduces-tony-liberatoreAt the end of Brad’s first year of employment, he and his assistant, Lori Moss, produced 5 goals for this year:
1.     Provide exemplary customer service (with 17 sub-points under this goal).
2.     Facilitate efficient operations (with 21 sub-points_.
3.     Provide for a safe community (with 16 sub-points).
4.     Become  an employer of choice (with 9 sub-points).  They are checking out where the Village stands salary-wise among other HOAs.
5.     Provide transparent communications (with 19 sub-points_.
There are no timelines associated with these goals but they will be revisited and revised as needed
Tony introduced Dan Kenny who is the President this year.  The job will be rotated each year.
At that point, the meeting was opened to questions from the audience.
–Tony was asked to put this strategic plan on the website and said he would check the possibility out.
–Tony was asked how Villagers communicate with the VMS Board.  He said they have to go to their Mutual’s committee meetings and talk about the issue.  The VMS member on that respective Mutual Board will then bring the resident’s issue to the full VMS Board.
–An attendee mentioned the problem of the 2 bus drivers being let go leading to low morale among both the other drivers and the passagers who knew these 2 drivers.  Tony said he would look into it.  Maggie Blackwell suggested that this person go to the GRF Transportation Committee.
–Tony commented that there is a human resources department for employees to use.  VMS has 1,000 employees with a $100 million dollar budget.
–An attendee asked where he could get information about what’s going on in the Village at the Mutual Board committee level.  Are the minutes published?  The VMS Minutes are not available to anyone but Corporate members (board members from the mutuals) – so they are not published for the public.
 –An attendee commented that he feels Brad Hudson  is hiring too many chiefs.  She would like to see a mechanism in place to retain employees so that they can  provide the level of service we are accustomed to.
Dan Kenny commented that VMS does not set policy.  The Mutual Boards set the policy and VMS implements it.  VMS only addresses issues from the Boards, not from individuals. mike-straziuso-introduces-tony-liberatore Marty Lopata, who has extensive experience with such Boards, commented on the topic.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:21 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Levine, Secretary

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