Monthly Meetings

February 24 Meeting Focused on Renovation in the Village

Friday, February 24: 
“Renovation in the Village”
2 pm, Laguna Woods Village Performing Arts Center, Dining Room 1
Open to all residents and their guests, no charge. 
The meeting opened at 2:00 PM by President Catherine Brians who provided a summary of future FOV presentations. Speakers GRF Member Judith Troutman and GRF President John Parker were introduced and they addressed the pros and cons of Clubhouse 2’s renovations and areas that have been identified for moving forward.
Judith identified several key points for future renovations or rebuilds when addressing Clubhouse 1 and the Performing Arts Center.
● Good sound decision-making requires NO emotions. Leave emotions OUT
● Embrace a contract lawyer
● Involve staff and bridge communication
● Diligent in selecting a Project Manager & review the backgrounds of potential Sub-Contractors
● Detailed budgets with consideration to the unknown and targeted deadlines
● Pay attention to architecture
● Destructive testing – If done early may need to be redone before proceeding.
● Remodeling brings unknowns – Clubhouse 2 came with many
● Owners Rep – We now have the level of professionalism and the level of expertise to run projects and minimize problems.
Discussed why Clubhouse 2 has the layout it has. Several people/clubs complaining about the furniture and how the space is being used.

● Capacity is 200 occupants or less
● Lounge area designed for cocktails before or after dinner
● For clubs requiring additional space they should use Clubhouse 5
Discussed the Board Room renovation requiring necessary upgrades. Much of the renovation costs cannot be seen but are necessary improvement. It was compared to City Hall’s Board Room that is being used while LWV upgrades its Board Room. City Hall needs attention.
Discussion on Gates 5 & 6 as successes.
● Collecting good and useful information
● Reduces access to those that don’t belong in the Village
● Statistics on Emeritus’ vs. residents: of the 2,000 enrolled in Emeritus only 400 are residents.
● United & Third Mutuals are working on several policies to identify people who don’t meet our compliance.
● Compliance is now under Security
● Time has been reduced by 50% on enforcement
● United & Third have asked GRF to accelerate the gate systems for Gates 1-4 and 7-10
● Gatehouses 2 & 3 were updated to efficiently accommodate gate ambassadors
● Gate 4 is not clear on how to proceed – exit gate only
● Gate 7 is new
● Gate 8, 9 & 10 are not updated and will require permits for traffic flow, etc.
● Looking at gates where amenities are. If plans are in place we might be able to get 2018 funds for use this year, 2017
Discussion on Pickleball Courts
● Budget is $600,000.
● New courts needed. Looking inside Gate 16. If this location is approved it will require road construction, curbs, etc.
● Talked about ruling on required vote by Corp Members on expenditures over $500,000. Do you vote on the difference or the full amount? $600K less $500K or $600K. Question: since the road primarily services the administration employee parking should that part of the cost be charged to the pickleball improvement? Road construction should not come out of $600,000 budget.
GRF, United & Third – several unsafe issues being addressed. Residents should report any unsafe conditions they observe.
Tax exemption was discussed. Currently residents are not allowed to donate money to the Village. Looking into a system that will allow this. Possible Donor wall with plaques of donor’s names. This will provide a tax deduction for the resident and help defray renovation and decoration costs.
Cost of Clubhouse 2 renovation:
● Design – $200,000 plus
● Construction – $4,000,000 plus
● Resolution – $112,000
● Structural Repairs – $234,000
Total costs exceeded $7.1 million and not finished yet
Garden Center
● Began last March with a $1.3 million budget for Garden Center 3
● Review determined that we couldn’t build Garden Center 3 without reorganizing Garden Centers 1 & 2.
● People were self managed
● Get ride of the $1.3 million
● Put $400,000 maximum into 1 & 2 upgrades
● The land should be used to grow, not to be used otherwise. 200 sq. ft. plot size
● Reviewed policies & procedures of Garden Center
– Agreed to grandfather current 400 sq. ft. plots in use
– OK until user gives up space then split 400 sq. ft. into 200 sq. ft. plots
● Called in City of Laguna Woods to look at enclosures and current construction.
– Does the City require a permit to make changes? NO
● Construction has to be uniform
● Build to code
● Access to plots should only be for leasees and their guests.
● Build a perimeter fence
● Garden Center 1 – do we bring in electricity
● All leasees to clean up plots – if they do not they give up their plot
Transfer fees discussed. Now collected at time of transfer from each unit in the Village. Money to be used for Capital Improvements.
Open Questions and/or comments:
● Chair of Command – Brad works for the Boards.
● Comment by resident that non-residents who enter LWV to attend Emeritus are not a threat to the Village.
● Comment by resident that at least 3 clubs have or are going to disband because they cannot meet due to clubhouse timing conflicts.
The meeting closed at 3:50 PM.
Meeting Minutes prepared by Marsha Berman


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