Monthly Meetings

FOV Plans 10 Informational Meetings During 2017

Friends of the Village has laid out plans for ten monthly meetings (January-October) during 2017. Each is designed to provide accurate information to help Laguna Woods Village residents make informed decisions about our community. Our format is to provide an expert speaker or panel, and then open the floor to questions and answers. We meet on the fourth Friday of the month at 2 pm with no general meetings during November and December. All residents and their guests are invited to attend without charge.

Starting Friday, January 27, 2017, we will move from the Village Greens Building to Dining Room 1 in the Laguna Woods Village Performing Arts Center (formerly Clubhouse 3). This move will allow us to serve members and guests refreshments at meetings, as well as to have a consistent location for our annual Meet the Candidates meeting (which requires a venue larger than The Greens).


Friday, January 27: “VMS One Year Later”
One year ago, Laguna Woods Village’s two largest mutuals parted with our longtime management company, Professional Community Management, now part of Associa, and formed our own management company, Village Management Services, Inc., with new top leadership but retaining many former PCM employees. Overseeing VMS operations is a new nine-member resident board, the VMS Board of Directors. FOV member Mike Straziuso will coordinate this overview, with VMS Board member Anthony Liberatore (right) as presenter.


Friday, February 24:
“Renovation in the Village”
The meeting will include an overview of the recent Clubhouse 2 renovation, shown at left (how it’s working, final costs) and plans for renovation of Clubhouse 1 and the Community Center. President Catherine Brians will coordinate.



Fridagarden1_2_smy, March 24: “Current Status of the Garden Centers”
Resident leaders of this popular but recently-controversial amenity will provide an overview, along with staff representatives responsible for the two Garden Centers’ daily management. Secretary Marion Levine will coordinate.


Friday, April 28: “Owner Renovation”
President Catherine Brians and Mike Straziuso will coordinate this overview. What is the current status and what are recent trends in owner renovation of our Village’s 90-plus manor designs?

Friday, May 26: “HOA Raising Supplemental Income to Reduce Assessments”
Bob Hatch will coordinate this look at an often-controversial topic.



Friday, June 23: “Overview of Caregiver Resources”
Laguna Woods Village does not provide assisted living, but residents and their families often seek the services of caregivers. Many also play this role themselves when loved ones need assistance. Marion Levine and Mike Straziuso will coordinate, calling on Village Social Services and possibly other resources.


Friday, July 28: “Overview of the Village Bus System”
2016 saw the introduction of major changes in one of Laguna Woods Village’s most prized amenities, designed to make our bus system more convenient, more cost-effective — and more popular. Even though this plan was guided by a newly-formed advisory group of bus-riding residents, not all changes were well-received. With more time to work our the kinks, what’s the status of our bus system now?



Friday, August 25 (or date TBA): “Meet the Candidates Night”

President Catherine Brians will coordinate Friends of the Village’s annual introduction of the candidates for open seats on our mutual governing boards. All residents are invited. Bring questions that may help you select your candidates. This is one of FOV’s most important community services.



Friday, September 22:

“Communications in the Village”

Under VMS, efforts have been made to facilitate and improve communications at many levels. These range from more resident surveys to a re-focusing of our community TV station; from an updated marketing plan with new collateral materials to a newsletter sharing information from the governing boards. By the time of this mid-summer meeting, new communication efforts may also include a re-built, state-of-the-art website — one promising individual resident accounts for communicating online with Village management. Past President Joan Milliman and FOV website editor Lucy Parker will coordinate.



Friday, October 27: “Compliance with Our Security Department”

“Safety and security” score high in every resident survey as reasons for moving into our community. Yet not all residents enjoy complying with our security rules, and in spite of new security strategies under VMS management, thefts and other security-related problems still arise. This overview will bring us up to date.


If there is a subject that members would like addressed, suggestion cards are available at all meetings. We encourage positive interaction and constructive feedback.

Annual membership is $15 for one, $20 for two. Contact Mary Lopata, Publicity Chair, 714-814-5844.

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