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IT Exec Chuck Holland Looked into Village’s Data Future at June 24 Meeting

Chuck Holland

Submitted by Marion Levine, Secretary

President Catherine Brians opened the meeting at 2:01 pm in the Greens/19 Building, Dining Rooms 2 and 3. She announced the following upcoming meetings of Friends of the Village:

July – Status of Clubhouse #2
August – Meet the Candidates
September – Cultural Kaleidoscope
October through November still open

Chuck Holland at FOV Mtg 6-25-16Catherine introduced Past President Joan Milliman who, in turn, introduced our guest speaker, Chuck Holland, the new Director of Information Technology for the Village.

After the Marine Corps, Chuck has worked in banking, medical, real estate, and community management IT positions. From 1997 – 2000, Chuck also worked here in Leisure World as a systems engineer so he knows us and how we used to work. He is also the president of his own HOA in Westminster.

He began his talk with the good news that Gate 6 was going to reopen at 5 pm this very day. The opening was delayed because of permit and SCE right-of-way issues. Gate ambassadors will get full training around October when Gate 5 will also come online. Since his arrival, he has made presentations at Board and Committee meetings and Town Halls and has written articles for the Village newsletter. He is disappointed by the Village’s poor following on Facebook.

The focus of his work here is to update us on technology to make the Village work more efficiently. He anticipates a time in the near future where we will be able to register our guests online, handle our own accounts, and even get a tee time without having to consult a paper copy of the list.

Historically, it has taken 3 temporary staff 3 months to organize and issue our annual guest passes. This year, they have hired 1 temp for 1 week to input the guest pass information, and will give the information over to an outside firm to print and send out the passes in an estimated 1 hour!

He is striving for Transparency, increased Customer Service, and Efficient use of Technology.

With regard to Transparency, he wants us to benefit from technologically supported self-management. All community information, and especially some financials, will be available to everyone.

Below is a photo shown by Chuck Holland of a demo phone/tablet/computer app which might be used by residents to log in guests — as well as for most other interactions with Village management. It is proposed that each resident would have a personal online account.

Resident Cell Phone Control DemoIn Customer Service, he wants to put all forms online so we can do what needs doing 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Support will also be given to the non-computer folks. His motto is “No resident left behind.”

With regard to Efficient Use of Technology, he reported that currently there are about 100,000 phone calls received per month by Property Services. Most of these calls are repeats as people keep trying the number over and over until they get thru to a staff member.

They receive about 30,000 calls per month for guest passes.

If all goes as planned, they are not anticipating terminating any gate ambassadors, but they may use electronic passes at night. With regard to selling a manor, it takes about 900 hours to complete resales paperwork accounting per month. The old technology tracked down paper and was very time consuming. There are over 12,000 work orders processed per month.

 They are working on switching our financials over to Microsoft Financials FX software and are studying Broadband, our in-house cable TV network, which uses a privately-owned fiber optic network.

He said that in the current paper-driven-organization, they don’t know the vendors who have entrance passes. He also reported that the Village has 25 million documents stored electronically over the past 25 years.

They are working on an Electronic Guest Application which will capture annual guests, temporary guests, party guests, and vendors.

He ended his prepared presentation at 2:45 pm when the FOV President opened up the floor to the following questions and comments:

  1. How is he planning to handle overnight parking? They will use scannable entrance forms to be displayed in the parked car.
  2. Comment about the LW parking sticker placed on the “outside” of the window, rather than the inside. They are working towards stickers on one of the car lights. It will be destroyed if tampered with.
  3. How do we find qualified board members? Perhaps better online tools for community information will make it easier.
  4. One member stressed the importance of better internet access and wifi everywhere appropriate within the Village.
  5. The new business system is going to take a look at all of our current systems.
  6. Need to work with West Coast Internet so that they are not down during day-time, high-use hours.
  7. What is happening with the bus system? They are studying the use of the standard buses for the able-bodied riders and getting smaller buses, with more space, to handle the mobility needs of our riders with wheelchairs, walkers, etc.
  8. One audience member asked why we couldn’t have a few buses take residents to night time events outside the Village, e.g. the Segerstrom.

You can get in touch with Chuck via email at

The session ended at 3:10 pm. Club memberships are available to new or renewing members for $15 for one person and $20 for two for the year.

technologySPEAKER BIO:
Chuck Holland, a member of executive management team,  joined VMS in March 2016.  He has an extensive background in computerized business systems, accounting systems, network infrastructure, management, organization, and administration in the real estate management industry.  In this new role, along with the other members of the Executive Team, will direct the company’s activities and oversee management of the Village’s 12,700 units and 18,000 residents.
“Technology is allowing businesses to offer customer service solutions not even conceivable five years ago,” Holland explained. “The Village is one of the only active adult  communities that has not yet leveraged these emerging technologies in ways that makes life easier for residents, guests, boards and management staff alike.”  Chuck’s goal is to modernized and streamline our resident services and provide an overall better customer service experience than what is being delivered today. 
Chuck began his career in information technology and computerized systems with the U.S. Marine Corps, where his main focus was on providing leadership, teamwork, systems support, and network communications.  After leaving the service, he worked in the banking, medical, real estate, and active adult community management industries.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from National University, San Diego, and has completed technical and certification programs from industry leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco.  He is also the President of his homeowner’s association and has been married to his lovely wife Jennie for just under 20 years.   He currently lives in Westminster, CA with his two dogs Coco and Misty. He also holds a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu.

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