President's Messages

Can any management system make everyone happy?


Catherine Bians

“…so far things are looking more positive…”

There is nothing better than some rain producing a beautiful Spring in the Village. All the trees and flowers are blooming. Birds are noisy and creating their nest for the next generation. Residents are out walking and bike riding and apparently taking this time of renewal to observe the new management system.

There has been some employee turnover and new faces appearing, but so far things are looking more positive. Can any management system make everyone happy? No, we will always have the doubters, gripers and pot stirrers no matter what management system is installed.

The new CEO/GM Bradley Hudson has a positive attitude regarding the future of our Village. Friends of the Village (FOV) hosted Mr. Bradley at a recent meeting and he responded to many questions regarding how management is functioning today and its future direction.

The Friends of the Village came into being under the direction of Barbara Marsh, who continues to be a board adviser. She felt a place to receive correct information was lacking in the Village and started FOV as a place to ask questions and discuss what is currently happening in the Village. It is a non-political forum and since Barbara is still on board I am sure she will keep us in line.

There is no charge to attend our monthly meetings, but we hope you will join or renew your membership.

Happy Spring,

Catherine Brians

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