President's Messages

New Year, New Board, New Beginning


Catherine BiansHappy New Year Villagers.

The year is not the only “new” in the Village of Laguna Woods. The Friends of the Village (FOV) has a new Board of Directors and the community has a new management company Village Management System Incorporated (VMSI).

As the new president, I would like to intrduce the 2016 officer: Vice President/ Program Chair, Mike Straziuso, Treasure/Membership: Aloha Saxon, Secretary, Marion Levine, Publicity, Mary Lopata, Website, Lucy Parker. Advisers include Joan Millman, Barbara Marsh, Marty Rubin, Marty Rhodes. Bob Hatch, and Maggie Blackwell. This seasoned team will equate to meaningful and current monthly programs for our community. Watch for subject matter, time and place on the Chanel 6 message board, the Globe, FOV website and Clubhouse Fliers. These free open meetings are held on the fourth Friday of the month at 2 PM. Currently the meeting is in the Village Greens building’s rooms 2 and 3.

The new management company (VSMI) is “a work in progress” as defined by the Committee’s chair at the Friends of the Village’s January meeting. The management committee is made up of three appointees from the two housing mutuals and GRF. The Towers is not represented as they are currently under contract to PCM. The committee acts as the conduit between the mutuals and the new General Manager Bradley Hudson who instructs the staff. The committee acts in the same capacity as our former management company.

The committee still has a lot of work and resolution to accomplish and Friends of the Village supports their effort. Mr. Hudson is invited to our upcoming March monthly programs. It will be a first-hand discussion on what he has learned and wants to see implemented. It is also an opportunity for the community to ask questions.

One of the best ways to know Friends of the Village programs is to join at $15.00 for a single and $20.00 for a couple and get on the email blast.

Best Wishes,

Catherine Brians

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